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Solving various Telus email problems staring from email creation to deletion

Telus is one of the best free webmail accounts in order to share most important information to the several clients. Telus is associated with numerous features and services in order to manage webmail account by several users. Additionally, the businessmen can use this webmali account on thier personal devices like Android, iPhone, iPad and much more.

Telus email account can use by them after configuring it with two protocols like (IMAP/POP and SMTP mail server) on their personal device and this way they can use it to share the resources to the clients in order to completing the tasks of the business by many ways. So don`t worry at all and become a great user of Telus webmail account.

Telus email provides protection to the user email account from any outside interference and spam protection is also a feature of Telus email. Manage the emails better now with Telus email using filters one can easily search for emails. Telus user also faces various troubles with their email account and some of the email troubles are described in this page along with the solutions.

How to Create Telus Email Account?

Lets start with the Telus email setup stage. Email user faces problem in new account creation and here are the steps to create a new Telus webmail account –

  • Open the Telus login page and click on the option of ‘New User’.
  • In the registration page enter all the details correctly.
  • Setup an email ID and strong password for the email account.
  • Also enter the contact details correctly which is very important at the time of email recovery.
  • Finally when all the details are enter correctly click on ‘Save’ to create the new account.

Now your account can be configured using other email clients also like Outlook. Here are the steps to setup Telus email with Outlook –

  • Open Outlook and click on ‘Tools’.
  • Next click on ‘E-mail Accounts’ and then select ‘Add a new e-mail account’.
  • Click ‘Next’ and then select ‘IMAP’.
  • Click ‘Next’ and then enter the following details correctly –
  • Email Address – Telus email address
  • User Name – Email account user name
  • Password – Telus email password
  • Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) –
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) –
  • Click on the checkbox of ‘Remember password’ and click ‘More Settings’.
  • Now under ‘Outgoing server’ tab tick the box of ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’
  • Also edit ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ to ‘1025’.
  • Click on ‘OK’, then ‘Next’ and finally ‘Finish’.

Also contact Telus email technical support for solution to the email account creation issue. There might be instances when the email account is not working proper and user wants to his account. Now if the user is having his account in their handset device and wants to delete the email account then here are the steps –

  • Go to the Home screen of the device and tap on ‘Settings’.
  • Next click on ‘Account’.
  • Select your account and tap ‘Delete’.
  • Again tap ‘Delete’ to confirm and the selected email account will be deleted from the device.

How to Reset Telus Email Password?

Another common trouble faced by the Telus email user is changing the email password when user has lost the account password. User can reset the email account password without login and here are the steps to do that –

  • Open the Telus login page and click on the forgot password option.
  • Enter the Telus email id, enter the characters mentioned and click ‘Next’.
  • Now choose a verification process to prove the user identity. Get the verification code and enter that in the provided text box.
  • Once the user have access to password reset page, enter new password for the account and click ‘Save’.

Telus Customer Service Number

Contact Telus customer service number in case of any trouble in resetting the Telus email account password. Also regarding any trouble with the email access or account related troubles contact the telus email support team for help. Remote troubleshooting steps are provided over the helpline number and instant solutions to the email issues are provided.

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